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Sanal Ullas, Director

                Sanal Ullas is Director of Eventa Technologies' Design, Development, Project and Management Sector. He is responsible for the company’s infrastructure in India. He is Administrating and Managing the Women's Fashion Store - Rose Petals Collections and Free Classified Website - Classego. With over 20 years of experience in Software Engineering, Marketing & consulting, he has held several positions in many organizations in defferent sectors and previously he held Manager position at Events Multimedia, An IT Company in Cochin. 

               Sanal Ullas is passionate in Software Engineer for Programming, Design & Development. 



Rekha, Manager
HR & Marketing 

               Rekha is Manager of Eventa Technologies' Marketing, Finance, Planning and Management Sector. She is responsible for the company’s Developemnt in India. She has chosen a new direction for Rose Petals' original style, focusing on aesthetics that feature flowing lines and a more feminine mood, achieved through accurate attention to features and details. She is Managing the Design, Selection of the Women's Fashion Store - Rose Petals Collections. With over 10 years of experience in Finance & Marketing Management. She has held several positions in many organizations and previously she held Finance & Auditing Control in Gopinathan & Co. An Auditing firm in Ottappalam.

               Rekha is passionate in Creative Designing in Clothing, Finance & Development. Rekha with renewed enthusiasm, consolidate its style, expand the presence in key Markets.




Business Development Manager


Business Consultant


IT Consultant 


Web Designer & Developer


Sales Executive


Sales Executive

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